Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Dr. Threlkel offers far infrared sauna therapy, an effective, relaxing and especially pleasant tool for natural healing — especially for detoxification. Life in the 21st Century comes with a sea of chemicals found in food, soil, water and air. The good news: regular detoxification can reduce toxins and improve both wellness and longevity. And one of the best contemporary detoxifying methods available is the far infrared sauna.

Are you used to those old, super-hot saunas? You have a treat in store.

With the same light as sunshine but without harmful UV rays, far infrared sauna therapy gently penetrates the tissues, joints and muscles to:

  • aid detoxification
  • lower blood pressure
  • purify skin
  • improve circulation
  • assist with weight loss
  • provide pain relief
  • promote relaxation.

You will sweat, but have a much more pleasant experience doing it than with old-fashioned saunas, and with remarkably more healthy results.

What’s the big deal about detoxing?

In our modern world, the body has become a virtual dumping ground for hundreds of thousands of toxic compounds in our air, water and soil in which our food grows. (Sad, but true!). The EPA estimates that our bodies cannot metabolize over 20,000 of the more than 77,000 chemicals in active production in the US. Coupled with common body burdens of heavy metals such as mercury and lead, we are faced with a choice: become ill as a result? Or take action to protect or improve our health by detoxifying our bodies on a regular basis.

What should I expect during my first sauna?

Expect a relaxing, pleasurable experience, with gentle heat deeply warming your body. You may or may not sweat during your first session, but either way, the penetrating heat will provide healthy benefits. Bring a book or magazine to read, or just close your eyes and enjoy the quietude. Dr. Threlkel will provide towels and fresh water, and monitor your blood pressure and temperature — you may be surprised by improvements post-sauna! If possible, plan relaxing activities afterwards for an extended experience of self-care.

To learn more about Infrared Sauna Therapy, read Dr. Threlkel’s blog post, Self-Care Sublime: Far Infrared Sauna

Make time for your health! Call (202) 244-6661 to schedule your first far infrared sauna with Dr. Threlkel today.

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