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   Integrative Primary Care   Naturopathic Medical Care   Integrative Psychotherapy


  Integrative Primary Care     Naturopathic Medical Care    Integrative Psychotherapy




                                 Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork    



Dr. Safayan offers medical acupuncture — one of the oldest and most effective healing practices in the world updated with modern, medical and integrative perspectives. Especially helpful for allergies, pain relief, immune support, and balancing mind, body and spirit, whether in daily life, seasonally, or in times of special need. Read more.

Allergy Elimination

Environmental and food allergies can make life miserable, and are themselves a sign of underlying imbalances in the body. Using NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique), Dr. Safayan can assesses for allergies through myofascial response testing and treats by stimulating acupuncture points along the spine and extremities to provide relief and healing. Read more.

Digestive Healing

Digestive issues can be very difficult to define and treat. We analyze the potential cause through specialty laboratory testing, food allergy assessment and provide comprehensive approaches to healing, including elimination of pharmaceuticals when appropriate, herbs and supplements, detoxification, and custom diet and lifestyle plans designed just for you.

Healthy Living Classes

Because we believe patient education is at the core of health, we offer a full calendar of monthly healthy living classes, on topics ranging from therapies such as acupuncture, prolotherapy and natural hormone therapy, to meditation and healthy cooking. Join us!

Hormone Therapy

Hormones out of balance? This is a common problem in aging women and men. With symptoms as diverse as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, loss of bone and muscle mass, irritability, insomnia, depression, and fatigue, it may be hard to tell. Following a thorough evaluation for hormonal imbalance, Dr. Threlkel treats both her male and female patients using herbal supplements and BHRT (Bioidential Hormone Replacement Therapy) while Dr. Safayan provides TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy, T) for male patients.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Life in the 21st Century comes with a sea of chemicals found in food, soil, water and air. The good news: regular detoxification can reduce toxins and improve wellness and longevity. And we have one of the hottest new detox therapies in town, what Dr. Mehmet Oz calls a “high tech way to extend your life” — Far infrared sauna. With the same light as sunshine but without harmful UV rays, Far Infrared Sauna Therapy penetrates the tissues to aid detoxification, lower blood pressure, purify skin, improve circulation, weight loss, pain relief and relaxation.

Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Threlkel offers naturopathic medicine, combining the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science. Read more.

Nutrition Therapy

Olga Afonsky is a licensed nutritionist who uses the healing qualities of foods and lifestyle recommendations to help her clients achieve their health goals and enhance their overall wellbeing. Read more.


Prolotherapy is a natural treatment for acute and chronic pain due to sport and traumatic related injuries as well as arthritis involving tendons and ligaments. These include headache, TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Pain), neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, spine, lower back, hip, knee, ankle and toes. Prolotherapy is a safe, simple, and effective technique. It involves the injection of sugar water (dextrose) into areas of injury and pain which stimulates the body’s own healing and repair processes. Read more.


Annie Miller, is a licensed clinical social worker who works to create a safe environment for clients to work on a variety of mental health issues. Annie’s approach is collaborative, empathic and accepting. Annie believes that there is no one therapeutic method that works for everyone and that different techniques work for each individual and family.. Read more.

Wei Chi Tonification

“Wei Chi” is your defensive energy, your immune competence, which declines with stress and aging. For seasonal immune support, Dr. Safayan offers Wei Chi Tonification, a series of 3 acupuncture treatments that builds the body’s innate healing capacity. Excellent to do in advance of cold and allergy seasons.

Services Featured in Our New Video Now Available:

·         IV Nutritional Therapy


·         Cupping


·         Wei Chi Tonification


·         Homeopathic Flu Remedy


·         Cardiovascular Disease & Whole Health Genetic Testing


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  • Dr. Threlkel is an incredibly caring, intelligent, and intuitive doctor. She has helped me tremendously with debilitating chronic hormonal and gastrointestinal issues. I feel like I have gotten my life back! I am grateful to have found her and highly recommend her to others. -- Alexandra M.

  • I was surprised at how soothing the process was. The needles are hair-thin and caused very little discomfort. Lying on the table was a nourishing break, and allowed me time to process grief I had been experiencing. Both the treatment and my discussion with Dr. Safayan afterwards truly helped. I felt invigorated for days! Acupuncture is now a regular part of my care. -- Acupuncture patient