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Millions of people suffer from seasonal and perennial (year round) allergies, and the bad news is that more people will become allergic as our environment becomes more polluted and unhealthy. The conventional medical approach to allergy treatment ranges from over-the-counter and prescription nasal and oral anti-allergy medications, to immunotherapy (allergy shots) with weekly to bimonthly injections. Unfortunately medical therapy has the potential for side effects, and in the case of allergy shots, requires routine visits to the allergist’s office — and they don’t always work.

The good news? There is an alternative treatment that has been shown to be effective for some food and environmental allergies. Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) was developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad.

NAET involves placing test vials containing the potential allergens in the patient’s hand and observing their reaction to muscle response testing (MRT). A decline in MRT suggests a reactivity to the test substance. When an allergen is identified the patient is treated with a combination of acupressure along the spine and acupuncture needles placed in select points for approximately a 30 minute treatment. After the treatment the patient must avoid the allergenic substance for a 25 hour period.

NAET is not for every allergy nor every patient, but if you’ve had a difficult time using conventional allergy treatments or prefer a more natural approach, you should definitely consider NAET as an option. If you wish to eliminate environmental allergies, such as to pollens or grasses, it’s best to have NAET treatment prior to the onset of the season. The best time to treat environmental allergies, both fall and spring, is during the winter months when such allergens are absent in the environment. Thinking ahead can produce wonderful results for allergy sufferers.