Weight Loss Is About Changing Eating Habits​

Have you been struggling with weight loss for years? Does it feel like you tried every possible weight loss approach out there with the same result? The weight keeps coming back! You worked so hard to lose weight, you had your goals and  you were certainly 100% committed. You put yourself into a dietary prison avoiding all your favorite foods and practically starving yourself. Or maybe you started a really exhausting exercise regiment. And you couldn’t believe how little weight you were losing!

I Understand Your Frustration and I can help

Where weight is concerned, each situation is different and requires individual assessment. I’ll help you figure out the underlying causes of your weight gain, maybe for the first time in your life. Your body might be holding onto weight for health reasons, making it extra difficult to lose weight. Only when we address your particular imbalances will the weight start coming off and staying off.

My approach focuses on correcting your eating style and establishing long-term eating habits. So that when the weight is lost you can continue eating foods that agree with your body and don’t trigger weight gain. The short-term diets are only effective at fast weight loss. And when you have reached your weight goals you most likely stop the diet and go back to eating the same way that made you gain weight in the first place. In contrast, my approach will give you results that last even thought it might take you longer.

Another benefit of my approach is that people are not hungry while losing weight. Yes, you can be losing weight with out the hunger!

To Achieve And Maintain Weight Loss We’ll:​

  • Establish healthy eating habits
  • Discover food choices that will benefit your health
  • Gain freedom from overeating
  • Get in touch with your hunger and satiety signals
  • Set the everyday life for successful weight loss

Contact Olga Afonsky for more information.

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