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After earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science/Physiology from Temple University in 2003, Scott received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Boston University in 2006. He received his certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in June 2012, and his certification as a Functional Manual Therapist in 2014. Scott has been certified in functional dry needling through Kinetacore and is a TPI certified Level II Medical Professional.

Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, Scott began his career at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington D.C.  There, he developed a strong interest in functional manual therapy through The Institute of Physical Art.  Instead of looking at individual body parts, this unique form of physical therapy evaluates the whole body as a functional unit.  Very commonly, an individual’s symptoms are brought on by dysfunctions in other regions of the body, whether it’s from old injuries or movement/postural habits.  This way Scott not only alleviates your symptoms, he makes it less likely that those symptoms return.

Scott jointed CIMT in 2011 where he started collaborating with the elite strength and conditioning coaches at Optimum Performance Training Institute.  This is where he developed a unique approach to exercise rehabilitation.   Scott focuses on training foundational movement patterns, which effectively improve core stability, increase flexibility, and build strength throughout the entire body.  Training the entire body leads to improved performance and a substantial decrease in the risk of re-injury.


Scott specializes in the treatment of both basic and complicated musculoskeletal injuries, with a focus on individuals with chronic pain.  He has a special interest in working with athletes, especially in golf and baseball.  To setup an appointment with Scott, please call 410 740 2155 or email him at

Our practice is cash based. This means that we do not participate in any health insurance plans. We are, therefore, considered “out-of-network” for all health insurance plans. We have chosen this form of practice so that we can provide one-on-one, quality care, based on the needs of each client, rather than being directed by the requirements of any insurance company. Our rates are therefore typically lower than many insurance-based practices. This also means that you are responsible for payment at the time of service.We will gladly work with you so that you can receive the reimbursement from your insurance company.

If you are on Medicare, we submit your claims to Medicare. Medicare reimburses you directly. If you have secondary insurance, in most cases, the claims go directly from Medicare to your secondary insurance, depending on how you have set this up between Medicare and your secondary carrier. You will then receive a check from your secondary insurance carrier.

Initial Evaluation (clients who have never been seen at CIMT) 90 minutes: $270
Initial Evaluation (clients returning to CIMT with a new problem) 60 minutes: $185
Medicare Re-evaluation: $185
Treatment session 60 minute: $170
Sessions of shorter or longer duration, in 15-minute segments, are prorated accordingly.