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Alternatives to the Annual Flu Shot

Wei Chi Tonification and our Flu season homeopathic remedy.

Summer is at it’s end and fall is here. The cool crisp mornings signify the change in seasons and soon winter will be upon us. Although we experience this seasonal change with all the magnificence in the colors of fall’s foliage, few appreciate that we too undergo a seasonal change.

From a strictly scientific perspective, humankind has evolved in tandem with the Earth over millennia. As a result, we are an integral part of the Earth. Is it any wonder that we contain the same minerals and nutrients contained in the earth? Not at all! In fact, we are a microcosm of Earth’s macrocosm. Unfortunately, humankind’s perceived superiority on our fragile planet has lead us to believe we are in control yet separate from Earth’s rhythmic changes. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

With fall’s arrival, we too change with the season. Take note, because you will feel a difference in your body. Your skin will become more dry, wrinkled, and pale, while your movement will become less fluid as the warmth of summer is replaced by colder temperatures. Some don’t appreciate and identify this transition while others definitely note the change. Likewise, this transition in reverse occurs to our bodies when the Earth moves from winter to spring.

These two major seasonal changes leave us vulnerable to illness, most commonly respiratory related. We call this time of year Flu season and we hear about the importance of getting our annual flu shot. Unfortunately, this is not enough. In fact, the 2016 Flu shot was only 50% effective at best. Those odds are no better than flipping a coin, whether you were going to get the Flu even if you got a Flu shot. Moreover, many can’t tolerate the Flu shot due to a sensitivity or an allergy.

At Restorative Health, we go further for our patients providing two excellent alternatives:

  1. We provide an oral homeopathic remedy of the annual Flu shot, affording the coverage a Flu shot may provide without the concern of sensitivities or allergies.
  2. We provide an acupuncture treatment known as Wei Chi Tonification aimed at increasing your immune system function, as your body goes through these seasonal transitions.
    This treatment is given October through November and then again in the spring, from February though March. It consists of three acupuncture treatments one week apart.

If you would like more information or to schedule your Wei Chi Tonification, please contact us at 202-244-6661. You can also purchase the homeopathic flu remedy through us.