Dr Safayan
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Internal Medicine
Integrative Primary Care
Medical Acupuncture
Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine – Prolotherapy
PRP – joint repair, hair regeneration, male and female sexual enhancement
NAET – Allergy Elimination

Dr Safayan’s idea for his practice at Restorative Health was simple, he designed a practice he would go to if he needed compassionate and comprehensive care. He treats all his patients with respect and empathy. He is a born teacher and prides himself in giving his patients the time they need to fully understand their health concerns. He feels good health care involves looking for and treating the root cause of imbalance rather than just it’s symptoms.

Dr Safayan was born in Shiraz, Iran. He received his medical degree from Cebu Doctors’ college of Medicine in Cebu, Philippines. He has been in private practice since 1990 and was board certified in Internal Medicine in 2000. He holds the following faculty positions. Senior instructor in medical acupuncture for the Helms Medical Institute and ACUS Foundation since 1997. Senior instructor in prolotherapy for the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation since 2009. Adjunct faculty at Georgetown University CAM graduate program 2012.

When patients call for their first appointment with Dr Safayan they will be asked whether they are self pay or plan to use health insurance.

Self pay

We have discounted self pay plans for medical office visits, comprehensive medical care, acupuncture, NAETprolotherapy, RPR and laboratory services. Please ask about these cost saving, discounted service plans.

Health Insurance

Dr Safayan accepts Medicare, and PPO plans offered by the major insurance carriers. If planning to use health insurance please contact your insurance carrier to find out about your health insurance coverage, copay and deductible, if applicable.
At each office visit we ask that you bring your insurance card, a photo ID and form of payment for your co-pay or deductible. Dr Safayan accepts cash, checks and credit cards.

Dr Safayan does not accept Medicaid, and HMO plans of any type.

Medical Acupuncture – is covered by some insurance carriers. Dr Safayan will ask that you contact your insurance carrier and determine your acupuncture coverage. If acupuncture is included in your plan then we request the face sheet from your insurance carrier that provides your acupuncture coverage parameters.

Services not covered by insurance

Dr Safayan provides following services not covered by insurance:
NAET – to eliminate allergies and sensitivities
Prolotherapy – for acute and chronic joint pain
PRP – for joint pain, hair loss, male and female sexual enhancement
IV therapies – for energy, immune boosting, adjunct to cancer therapy
Chelation therapy – for heavy metal toxicity
B12 injection – for energy
IRR (infra spinatus respiratory reflex) injection – for chronic bronchitis/cough
Scar infiltration/deactivation – to decrease scar pain and myofascial tension

Please contact our office at 202.244.6661 or email to request new patient forms.